Moving Forward Campaign

Help Camp Kaskitowa replace Oak Cabin and join us as we step into the next phase of ministry.  

As you can see from Paul’s video, this project is about much more than simply rebuilding Oak Cabin. Moving Forward is about Camp Kaskitowa entering the next phase of ministry we believe God is preparing for us. 

The ministry of Camp Kaskitowa is growing. For the past eighty-three years, we have primarily served as a summer camp with some limited use in the cold months.

Camp K is being utilized much more than in the years past. We are serving more guest groups (especially from local churches) for various camp programs and retreats, and we have ideas for more programs to come as we continue to go where God is leading.

We are also getting more requests from guests who’d like to come and enjoy our camp during the cold months of the year. Unfortunately, our current facilities have to be shut down and can’t operate in the winter. From about November to the end of March, our camp cannot host groups because the water is turned off and our buildings are not heated. 

One universal trait we notice in our campers is they are never in a hurry to leave camp when the program ends. People want to spend just a few more minutes enjoying God’s nature, petting a horse one more time, catching one more fish, or having fellowship time in a friendship that will last a lifetime with someone they met at Camp Kaskitowa. We see this as a massive compliment to our staff, our camp, and what God does here.

We feel the same when we have to close down camp for five months each year.

The board of Camp Kaskitowa is unified in our desire to serve more campers year-round. We see the need and sense that this is where God is taking His ministry here. This is a large step to move forward to where God is leading. We are in the midst of the “planning and evaluating stage” and will be able share the estimates with you soon. Currently we are connecting with various professionals to prepare the best plan for Camp K to enter the next phase of ministry and we will keep you updated as the plans come out. 

As of now, we know we’d like to have one new cabin to replace Oak. This new cabin will have separate sleeping areas to be able to host various groups easier as well as have bathrooms inside the cabin. Also, we will need the dining hall and bathhouse to be winter ready, and then we will move on to other buildings that can be winterized.

Your help is what allows Camp Kaskitowa to complete projects like this while we keep our registration fees as low as possible to reach as many children and people as we can at camp to change hearts and lives for eternity.

Will you join us with a gift as we launch the Moving Forward project? Your generous donation will help the camp as we continue work on the first stages of planning and construction and will move us forward together to reach more camper’s hearts for Christ year-round.

If you feel the Lord leading you to give, you may give online, or you may mail your gift to:

Camp Kaskitowa
3799 108th Ave.
Allegan, MI 49010

Please mark checks with “Moving Forward.”

Thank you for your generous support of Camp Kaskitowa. God truly does it here. I am awestruck every year to see how God accomplishes His purpose at camp. It is always done in a way to show it was unmistakably, undeniably done not because of us, but through the power of God.

Richard Smith

Camp Kaskitowa Board President

P.S. - If you have any questions or would like to help in some other way, please feel free to contact our Camp Director, Paul Gille at (262)-422-6751 or director@campk.net.

3799 108th Ave., Allegan, MI 49010  |  (262)-422-6751
director@campk.net | ©2022 Camp Kaskitowa

3799 108th Ave., Allegan, MI 49010  |  (262)-422-6751  |  director@campk.net | ©2022 Camp Kaskitowa